Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust

Income and Capital Growth

Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust is a private real estate fund that helps people invest in income-producing real estate properties. The fund focuses on acquiring a portfolio of residential rental properties in Western Canada and seeks to pay out rental income as distributions to investors.


Investors have the option of receiving monthly cash distributions or having the cash distributions re-invested in the fund if they are targeting more growth.


Targeted Annual Returns

9-12% per annum


Targeted Distributions

$0.60 per unit per annum 


Distribution Frequency


Westbow Capital Income Fund: $90 Million+ Assets Under Management

strategic and targeted approach

Acquisition Strategies

Strategic Principal Markets
Acquiring properties in Western Canada leverages management expertise and relationships within this market. Westbow has a deep understanding of these markets and the geographic proximity to Westbow’s head office allows management to closely monitor the property portfolio.

New Purpose-Built Rentals

Acquire new purpose-built rentals developed by Westbow Construction. Through a strategic partnership with Westbow Construction, the fund has the ability to acquire properties at a discount to retail price.

Stabilized Properties

Acquire existing assets that are cash-flow positive and present an opportunity for operational improvements.

Value-Add Properties

Acquire aging or distressed residential units that will be renovated to add value to the assets.

This offering is for: 

Investors looking for predictable passive income

Investors seeking moderate capital growth

Investors looking for a private investment with low correlation to the public markets

Investors looking for direct exposure to a diversified real estate portfolio without the hassles of managing properties themselves


Mutual fund trust

Investment Category

Income and growth

Investor Qualification

Investors eligible under the offering memorandum exemption

Minimum Investment


Targeted Return

9-12% per annum

Targeted Distributions

$0.60 per unit per annum

Registered Plan Status


Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust - Now Open

Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust - Now Open

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Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust is now open

Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust is now open

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