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How it all started

Westbow Capital is the culmination of over 40 years of experience within the construction, real estate, development, and agriculture arenas. Westbow Group’s inception dates back to 1977, and today we manage over $400 million in assets.


Westbow Capital’s goal is to utilize our experience to maximize growth and returns for those who entrust us with their investments. We strongly believe that an alignment in goals is paramount to any healthy, well-producing partnership. The success of our investors is the primary motivation that drives what we do here at Westbow Capital.

We offer a variety of private investments focused on the real estate and agriculture sectors. With headquarters in Chilliwack, British Columbia, we utilize our local expertise in Western Canadian markets to generate long-term value for investors.




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Westbow Capital Team

Dick Westeringh

Dick Westeringh


Dick founded Westbow in 1977 when he began as a framing contractor. Over the past 40 years, Dick has gained a wealth of construction and real estate development knowledge as he transformed the business into a large builder-developer. If you invest with Westbow Capital, your investment will benefit from his deep understanding of real estate, construction, and development.

Nick Westeringh

Nick Westeringh

Chief Executive Officer

Nick bought his first rental property at the age of 16 through a 50/50 partnership. He joined the Westbow team in 2009 and continued to immerse himself in the real estate industry. He has built strong business partnerships that have led to the financial success of the Westbow Group of Companies. He has entrepreneurial drive and a diverse range of experience within construction, real estate development, and investing. 

Jason Tiessen

Jason Tiessen

Chief Financial Officer

Jason joined the team at Westbow in 2013 and has played a large role in the company’s success by taking on the role of CFO. With years of experience in finance and accounting, he has become a trusted business advisor and financial strategist that will work hard to protect your investment

Marcus Krahn

Marcus Krahn

Investor Relations

Marcus grew up around real estate development and construction in a family that was closely tied to the industry. He grew up working on and building various construction projects which helped him gain practical onsite experience. He has combined his formal education and experience in accounting and finance with his background in the construction and real estate industries. 

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